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Malvern Science in the Park 2021

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Alfresco Family Event

 Sat. 26th June 2021

 Priory Park, Great Malvern


Our fifth annual fun and exciting day exploring the wonders of science and technology ran from 10:30am to 4:30pm, and was kindly opened by Katy Gibson from the Institute of Physics Midlands.

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Activites for all the family

Experiments, games and demonstrations showcasing science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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The Army STEM team, comprised of soldiers drawn from the technical branches of the British Army, deliver engaging physical and virtual STEM workshops across the United Kingdom.

Technical careers within the army can range from mechanical engineers to communications and intelligence analysts. Find out how the army uses science and technology to protect soldiers and enhance military operations.



Discover materials is an inter-University working group to help excite and inspire school students and teachers about Materials Science and Engineering. They are bringing along a chocolate impact tester, demonstrating the tensile testing of plastic materials, and showcasing ferrofluids and shape memory alloys.


Local paleontologist from e-fossils, Dr Mark O'Dell, will show some of his fossil finds from the west of the Malvern Hills and in the Cotswolds. He'll also crack open a few nodules with the hope of finding some freshly exposed fossils, and he can answer questions you might have about your own fossil samples.

The Herefordshire & Worcestershire Earth Heritage Trust is a charity that aims to record, protect and promote geology and landscape, and to raise awareness of this Earth Heritage by engaging the public in educational programmes. They will be on hand with numerous geological samples to take a look at and some actvitites to help you better understand how geologists can learn about our past.


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IASME Consortium provides information assurance schemes for small medium enterprises that help ensure data, information and IT systems are safe and secure. They'll be hosting actvitites to help you learn more about how fire walls work, cyber security in general, and staying safe when you are online.


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John Bibby, a local STEM Ambassador from Imagineering, will once again be at mission control helping you to launch compressed air rockets to see which can reach the highest altitude. To infinity and beyond!


For over 140 years the Institution of Engineering & Technology (The IET) has been inspiring, informing and influencing the global engineering community; supporting technology innovation to meet the needs of society. This year the IET will offer you the opportunity to build your own wind turbine blade, a battery, a spaghetti tower or learn about motors (internal combustion and electric). Have a go and takeaway a model solar power car kit to build at home.



Institution of Mechanical Engineers works with leading companies, universities, and think tanks to create and share knowledge, fresh thinking and authoritative guidance on all aspects of mechanical engineering. They will be displaying a small hydrogen-fuel cell powered train.  Unfortunately IMechE had to pull out at the last minute.

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Institute of Physics is a leading scientific society; a charitable organisation with a worldwide membership of more than 50,000, working together to advance physics education, research and application. Join them at the event to take part in various hands-on physics experiments including blowing large bubbles, understanding bouncing balls, exploring the way slinkies travel down steps, trying out balloon helicopters, testing ‘exploding’ lolly sticks, as well as investigating pendula, rope waves, and grass whistles.

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Legrand have been manufacturing in the UK since 1980 and their five manufacturing sites create mechanical, electrical, electronic and digital solutions. In the UK, the company is organised into the following specialist business units: cable management, power distribution, wiring devices, assisted living and healthcare, and data communications.


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Malvern Panalytical designs and manufactures laboratory instrumentation that provides material characterisation for research, development and quality control in a wide range of applications such as Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals and Academia. At their exhibit they will explore hypothesis testing and data collection that is key to their development process, as well as giving a laser demonstration that underpins the key technologies for a number of their instruments. Also visit them to get involved with their coding mini games and to take a look at their circuit demonstration.


Steve Dawes, a STEM Ambassador and regular contributor to the family and adult Malvern Raspberry Jam Pi computer sessions at the Wyche Innovation Centre, will demonstrate a working Raspberry Pi weather station in the park. Hopefully it will be measuring a high ambient temperature, high air pressure, and no precipitation!



MRATHS - Malvern Radar and Technology History Society - tells the stories of Malvern's science heritage through exhibitions, talks and visits to schools. They'll have a sports Doppler radar on display to measure how fast you can run. Will you be the fastest?

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QinetiQ offer their customers world-class expertise in advice, services (particularly test and evaluation) and innovative technology-based products. They operate primarily in the defence, security and aerospace markets and their customers are predominantly government organisations. With a key site in Malvern, they'll be at the event with some hands-on activities and demonstrations.



ROCU - The West Midlands Regional Organised Crime Unit is a collaboration between the police forces of Staffordshire, West Midlands, West Mercia and Warwickshire to fight organised crime across the region. The aim of the WMROCU is to reduce the impact and increase the disruption of serious and organised crime within the region and beyond. At the park, they'll be helping you understand how to avoid being a victim of cyber crime.


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STEM Ambassadors use their enthusiasm and commitment to encourage young people to enjoy STEM subjects. They open the doors to a world of opportunities and possibilities which come from pursuing STEM subjects and careers. STEM Ambassadors not only inspire young people, they also support teachers in the classroom by explaining current applications of STEM in industry or research.


The STEM Response Team is an award-winning outreach and public engagement team from the Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) at the University of Wolverhampton.

The team will provide a variety of table top STEM based activities for individuals of all ages to come along and get involved with. Including body puzzles, animal morphology and ecology, forensics, 'infectious snot' and STEM related crafts.

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The University of Worcester's Geography Department will be showing their 'River in a Box', which will help to demonstrate how rivers form and change through time. They will also let you have a look at ‘invisible’ Near Infrared light and show how it can be used to map deforestation.


The University of Worcester's Institute of Science & the Environment will be on hand with a selection of biological science displays and activities. Microscopes at the ready.


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The University of Birmingham, The School of Mathematics will be presenting paper origami and explaining how you can make fascinating 3D models from 2D sheets of paper. They will also be creating a mood board with coloured Penrose tiles to see what people really think about mathematics!

@unibirmingham, @MathsBirmingham


Usborne science books include flap books and sticker books that explain key concepts in a fun and interactive way, and encyclopaedias and illustrated dictionaries that support homework at every level. Come along to test your aeronautical engineering skills by making and launching a paper plane and see how far it flies compared to the competition. You'll also be able to browse and buy some of their titles and models.



A respresentitive of Worcester Astronomical Society will be demonstrating the hydrogen-alpha telescope to see solar prominences, and another telescope with a solar filter to see Sun spots (let's hope it is sunny!). 


Science buskers

Be captivated by explanations of the scientific world around us, delivered from the bandstand.


Dr Martin Khechara is a science presenter, science theatre performer, writer, researcher, Fellow of Public Engagement for STEM at the University of Wolverhampton, and a microbiologist supreme!  This time, Martin will be talking about tapeworms, human poo and hygiene!

@DrKhechara, @STEMResponseWLV

Dr Mark O'Dell. Fossils - a Window into the Past.

Local paleontologist Mark O'Dell will talk about the tools he uses to find, extract and clean-up fossils. He's found interesting samples to the west of the Malvern Hills and a little further afield in the Cotswolds. If we're lucky he may have a nodule or two to crack open to see what's indside - the first time the interior has been exposed for millions of years!


Christine Swan and Richard Henson - Visits from the Past.

Christine Swan, an experienced computer science teacher and visiting lecturer at Birmingham City University, will be apeearing as Ada Lovelace. And she'll be joined by Richard Henson, previously a Senior Lecturer from the University of Worcester, as Charles Babbage. Call the TARDIS for these time travellers to arrive through space-time and listen to them talk about life as celebrated mathematicians and logicians.

ALovelace  CBabbage 

@chris_swan & @RichardHenson3


Ebrima Sallah - Shock and Awe

Ebrima is currently working on an Engineering Doctorate in Material Modelling and Manufacturing at Swansea University. He will talk about heat transfer and thermal shock failure in materials.



Nicky Thomas - Physics for fun.

Experienced science teacher Nicky will talk about some exciting physics topics. Nicky also works for the Institute of Physics's Diversity department, with schools in the West Midlands and South West.



Dr Chris Hamlett - Surfactants and Foaming Agents.

Chris is a Henry Royce National Outreach Officer for Materials Science at the University of Birmingham, he will talk about surface wetting and may even have a go at making some elephant's toothpaste...





Coco Sato - Giant Origami.

Coco is an award-winning Japanese artist based in the UK. Her work uses origami to change the way people see the world, and her book Creative Origami and Beyond was published in 2016. Coco will demonstrate some fascinating origami models, fusing science with art before your very eyes!



Dr Adrian Burden - Carbon Carbon Everywhere.

Adrian, the lead organiser of Malvern Science in the Park, used to research carbon using electron microscopes. As we're a little short on science buskers to fill the programme this year, he'll once again be dredging up some interesting facts from his hazy memory about the element carbon and how it forms various different allotropes like graphite, diamond and C60 fullerenes



Science trails 

Seek out scientific facts, figures and artefacts hidden in the park.


Dinosaur trail: No longer Priory Park, but Jurassic Park! Find the six species of dinosaur roaming nearby and draw your favourite one.


Interplanetary trail: Tour the park looking for the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and minor planet Pluto. All set out to the scale of their distance from the sun.  Can you also find the asteroid belt, some comets and one or two man made probes? Just how far will you have to walk?



Materials around us trail: Can you find examples of metals, polymers, ceramics, glass, and composites within Priory Park? Read the information cards to better understand why some materials are well suited to certain uses whilst others simply are not.


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Microscopy trail: Equip yourself with a fresnel hand-lens and pack of colouring pencils from the information desk, and scout around the park for specimens to examine closely and sketch.



Microbe hunt: Can you spot the generally nasty (but also furry!) viruses and bacteria dispersed around the park? Try not to catch a cold or chicken pox, and definitely avoid typhoid. Draw all ten of these biohazards in your laboratory notebook.  And can you find the COVID-19 coronovirus, the cause of all our current woes?


Photo call

All you Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram fans can take a piccy at our photo booths and share for fun with the hashtag #ScienceInPark

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The Big Bang Theory: One day we'll try to get the real actors, but in the meantime, you'll have to make do with our life-size cardboard cutouts. Featuring Amy (neuroscientist), Bernadette (microbiologist), Howard (aerospace engineer), Leonard (experimental physicist), and of course Sheldon (theoretical physicist).


Thanks to 
Dr Alan Smith CPhys, FInstP from West Midland Branch of the IoP for his help with the organisation of this event.


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