Wyche Innovation Centre, Walwyn Road, Malvern, WR13 6PL, UK

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Malvern MakerSpace

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 Eventually all year round

 In Progress, Malvern


We're putting together the plan for a new community fabrication lab or hackspace where people can be creative, collaborate and make stuff. If you'd like to be involved or can help in any way with support or sponsorship, please let us know.


Just for fun

You'll be able to try things out with hand tools, bench-top equipment and a variety of materials to see what works and what doesn't. A chance to do a bit of art & crafts, design or engineering. Fuse fashion with electronics, food with 3D printing, jewellery with geology; its up to you to explore and experiment. Ideal for hobbiests to let their creativity flow and develop new skills. Let us know if you think you'd like to use a facility like this on an informal or membership basis.


Product prototyping

Use CAD, lathe, mill, laser cutter and 3D printer to design and test new products. Combine cogs and circuits to create smart IoT devices, mechanical actuators and connected sensors. Make tangible prototypes and get help & advice with how you might patent, scale-up and mass produce. Ideal for entrepreneurs and small medium companies as they research and develop. Please tell us if you are an organisation or business that might benefit from these facilities, or if you are a larger company that would like to collaborate.


Workshops and seminars

We plan to develop a programme of courses and talks so the general public, facility members and school groups can learn more about design and manufacturing. These will be hands-on and affordable so that people can try out new equipment in a friendly environment. We're keen to hear from school teachers that would be interested in using the facility to enhance intra and extra curricular studies.


Open most hours

We're hoping to be open during the day, at evenings and weekends so that people can join timetabled stuctured sessions or drop in for some ad hoc making in their own time. This will depend on volunteers being on hand to help out at the facility. Please contact us if this sounds like something you'd enjoy doing.


Other examples

To get a feel for what we're aiming for, there are plenty of other examples around the country including: UCL Institute of Making, Cambridge MakeSpace & Fab Lab Coventry.