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Innovation Talks


Lectures and talks

 Dr Adrian Burden

 Technology Entrepreneur

To generate funds to help support the work of the social enterprise Innovate Malvern, founding Managing Director Dr Adrian Burden gives fee-paid lectures, talks and speeches at corporate events about technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


An A to Z of Innovation here on Planet Earth

26 categories of innovation where we've changed the world around us: the way we do business; the way we use resources; the way we live. What are some of our greatest achievements, what have we learnt, and how can we improve on them yet further?

This talk is a whistle-stop tour of human creativity to cross the disciplines and expand the mind.


Wear Next? The evolution of smart fashion

Today we routinely wear advanced materials and devices to protect us from the elements and feed us with information. In the future, we’ll expect even more from our clothing with integrated sensors, displays, and functions.  And we’ll embed devices within our body to augment and interface with our wearables.

A new, highly visual and interactive talk about wearable technology featuring Adrian’s 'home-made' Raspberry Pi controlled NeoMatrix #PiJacket.


Start to Exit: Tech entrepreneurship

What's it really like to invent a new technology, spin-off a company, raise venture finance, secure a first customer, expand overseas and then exit the business through a trade sale? There are lots of balls to keep in the air: patents to file, products to prototype, sales to generate, cash flow to monitor and staff to recruit. Some things go well, other things go spectacularly wrong and there are plenty of near misses along the way.

This talk details some of Adrian's experience as the founding CEO of a high technology start-up in Singapore that was spun out of a research institute, expanded into Europe, won numerous prizes, and was later sold for millions to a multinational company headquartered in India. Based in part on his recent book Start to exit: How to maximize the value in your start-up .


Please get in touch if you'd like Adrian to speak at your next corporate event. He can tailor his talk to suit your programme, the time available, and the audience. His fee starts from £1,975 (excluding VAT, travel and subsistence) for a talk, speech, or lecture of up to an hour in length. And moreover this money helps Innovate Malvern stage its various events in the community. You can find out more about Adrian's background here.